Bosendorfer Art-Case Grand Piano,1872. Gorgeous, all orig.

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Bosendorfer Art-Case Grand Piano,1872. Gorgeous, all orig.
Brand: Bosendorfer (Vienna, Austria)

Number of keys: 85

Number of pedals: 2

Made in 1872

Serial number: 6746

Color: Mahogany polished

Ivory keys: excellent condition

7'10' long, 4'6.5' wide

All parts are original except the bass strings (restored 43 strings in 2013)

Sound board is in good condition

Playable piano; needs tunings; beautiful tone, light action

Excellent investment for rebuilding or restore.

The case is in excellent condition

Bosendorfer: Founded in Vienna by Ignaz Bosendorfer in 1828. These legendary instruments have been hand crafted in Austria by expert craftsmen, whose skills have been painstakingly passed down from generation to generation, and have inspired generations of musicians as diverse as J. Brahms, F. Busoni, F. Guild, A. Schiff,...

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