Steinway artists selected Steinway

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Steinway artists selected Steinway
This is an outstanding "M" selected by award winning pianist and former Steinway artist Edward Simon. This piano has gotten light use and is maintained in top form by a certified Steinway technician. It has a beautiful sweet tone and a big sound for its size. Included are a felt strings cover and a piano cover. Sold by original owner.

Length 5'7' (170 cm)

Width: 57 3/4' (147cm)

Weight: 560 pounds (255kg)

Finish: Ebonized

Rim and Case: The inner and outer rims fo the Steinway M are formed as a single piece from 13 laminations of hard rock Maple ina patented process, assuring unequaled strength and sound Quality.

Diaphragmatic Soundboard: Fashioned from close-grained, Alaskan Sitka spruce, the soundboard of the Steinway M is gently tapered from 8mm thick at the center to 5mm at its outer edge. The design permits complete freedom of movement and produces richer, more lasting tonal response

Hexagrip Pinblock: To create the Steinway Hexagrip Pinblock, seven layers of hard-rock maple are aligned at 45 and 90 degrees to each other, asuring smooth pin movement for precise tuning and gripping power which holds tuning longer.

Accelerated Action: The exclusive Steinway Accelerated Action is designed for 14% faster fortissimo and 6% faster pianissimo response. Made from white maple, action components are anchored to a Tubular Metallic Frame fitted with a hard maple interior dowel to assure precise, stable regulation.

Hammers: Created by hand from premium wool felt and hard birch, Steinway hammers are compression wired for permanent shape and individually tone regulated by master voicer craftsmen.

Keys and Keybed: The Steinway keybed is uniquely crowned at the center to intensify key movement and prevent 'knocking' during heavy playing. Each key is fitted with a linden wood button at the balance rail, assuring friction-free movement and tonal power.

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