Yamaha Concert Grand (6'-11') Disklavier

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Yamaha Concert Grand (6'-11')  Disklavier
Yamaha C6 Concert Grand Piano ( 6’-11” ) - DC6 IIXG Disklavier Player Piano

Traditional Yamaha Acoustic Grand Piano with
Yamaha Factory Integrated Computer Age “Player Piano” Technology

Disklavier is not an aftermarket add-on and
does not interfere or affect piano function or sound.

An astonishing range of interactive capabilities for reproducing ensemble music
with multi-track instrumental backing & accompaniment.

Play, record, and replay your own performances -
or be entertained by professionally mastered performances
add speakers and entire band will accompany the piano for a virtual live performance.

Learn how to play piano - available interactive player tutorials teach beginners & advanced learners.

Yamaha is the piano of choice for recording artists and popular musicians
ie: Elton John, Paul McCartney, Sara McLaughlin, Burt Bacharach, Barry Manilow
Notice Yamaha Pianos in most videos and concerts

See Yamaha on line Brochure and Demo Video (link below):

This piano retails new for well over $50,000
Original owner
Purchased new in 1999.
Excellent Condition

E-mail for additional information: arlvausa@aol.com

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