Fischer 'Harpsichord-Style' Grand

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Fischer 'Harpsichord-Style' Grand
This Fischer 'Harpsichord' Style Baby Grand Piano is a prime example of the revival in earlier furniture styles that became popular during the 1920s and '30s era.
This is both a stunningly beautiful piece of furniture AND a fine musical instrument with a sweet, mellow sound, and medium-heavy touch. It has been reconditioned and tuned and is in very good condition.
This unique piano is a 'harpsichord style' baby grand piano built by J&C Fischer in 1928. Note the unusual shape of the piano. Its total length is 5 feet. Rather than the usual rounded shape, the tail of the piano is angular, not squared off straight, but is at a bit of an angle like a harpsichord. The carved, harpsichord-like legs look delicate, but are actually quite sturdy.
The cabinet features inlaid wood on the edge of the lid, and inlaid medallions on the legs. A matching bench is included.

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