Weber London Upright Player Piano

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Weber London Upright Player Piano
You are looking at a 1922 Weber Player Piano that was built in London, England.

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This Weber is rare since the vast majority of Weber player pianos were built here in the States. Serial number on the Piano is 72140.

I aquired this piano about 6-7 years ago. Over the course of those six years a professional player piano restorer spent years restoring the piano action as well as the player portion of the piano. All restoration was done according to proper time period techniques. By that I mean that proper resins were used in the creation of parts so that future restorers can fix or restore any parts with greater ease. Please call or email me if you would like to speak to my restorer to get much more detailed information about the piano's condition and all restoration that was performed.

The piano is fully playable and 100% functional. I did, however run out of time in performing the rest of the restoration. I would estimate the current restoration at 80% and grade the piano a solid B+, meaning it is in very good condition, but certainly not 'like new'. The piano exterior is all original and untampered with. The finish is beautiful and shines very nicely, but does have some scuffs and scratches consistent with its age. The ivory keys are in excellent condition. You will also notice in the pictures that the key is still with the piano and works as it should. It is very rare to have the key to a 100 year old piano. The piano itself plays very nicely. There is one key that occassionally sticks a little bit, but otherwise the action is very smooth and responsive. Of course it will need to be retuned after shipment. All bellows were recovered, all hoses replaced. The action was totally restored. If you were to continue the restoration, only the following areas need to be addressed. The back of the piano needs to be redone because it resonates a little bit, but hardly noticable. The strings were likely replaced approximately 40 yrs ago and are due to be replaced. This is a combo job and was next on my list.

At the end of 2011, this piano was appraised in its current condition at an insured value of $5480. I can supply the appraiser information upon request.

There are also approximately 65 rolls that come with the piano as well as a bench.

This is a truly beautiful piano. The pictures unfortunately, do not do it much justice.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or if you would like to see more pictures. -Stefan 321-574-3777

The Piano is for local pickup only. Buyer must arrange and pays for shipment.

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