Like New Kohler & Campbell Baby Grand 500S

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Like New Kohler & Campbell Baby Grand  500S
Beautiful Red Mahogany Baby Grand in near perfect showroom condition. Paid $13,000 originally and attempted to play only a handful of times. Its been in my Great Room untouched for over a decade.

The Piano is in mint condition and difficult to find any signs of wear. I can send detailed photos as well if you are interested in purchasing.

In getting educated prior to selling this I learned what might be useful to anyone who wants a baby grand, but like me knows little about pianos. Apparently there are several imports now coming from China, Indonesia and some smaller Asia Pacific countries where they can manufacturer pianos using unskilled labor living in poverty.

Korea, where this piano is made has been making professional grade pianos for over 50 years. If you are not serious about your piano being a fine instrument and looking at it to just furnish a room, I think one from China or Indonesia would meet your needs. This is a true high quality Baby Grand for a true enthusiast.

Brokers offered me between 3,000-4,000 to buy outright and said it would sell for between $5,400-$6,500.

$5,500 and you can buy from the owner directly and see the environment it's in. I will also consider splitting an inspection fee if you would like a professional to inspect prior to purchasing.

KOHLER & CAMPBELL SKG500S 5'1' average used $8,530 from

Charles Kohler and John Calvin Campbell joined forces in New York in 1896 to create the Kohler & Campbell Industries, Inc. Campbell was a machinist who invented several wood and iron making machines and later took up piano making. He partnered with Charles Kohler for only 18 years, until the time of his unexpected death in 1908. John Campbell has been credited with pioneering many manufacturing techniques that instantly created more value for the dollar in Kohler & Campbell pianos.This was and is the cornerstone of Kohler & Campbell pianos…the best value for the dollar.

At the age of 20, Charles Kohler embarked on a piano-making career. Considered a genius as a factory organizer and businessman, he was the perfect complement to Campbell. Together they built one of America’s largest piano companies. As a testament to the quality, it is said that some of their largest customers were piano manufacturers of note that carried Kohler & Campbell pianos in their retail establishments. Today, the tradition continues and Kohler & Campbell pianos are sold in many of America’s finest retail establishments.

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