Steinway Model M 1935 Restored

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Steinway Model M 1935 Restored
I am offering a 1935 Mahogany Steinway Model M Grand Piano that is in excellent condition. Completely restored in 2006 by Country Piano. Here are their restoration notes: new soundboard & decal, ribs, bridges, new pinblock, new treble & bass strings, new tuning pins, rebronzed harp, new stringing felts, new Renner action, new key bushings, new keybed felts, new damper felts, new damper guide rail bushings. The damper underlever system has been reconditioned and the pedal and trap system rebuilt. All action parts were regulated to factory specs, and the hammers were shaped, voiced, and tone regulated.

Exterior finish: closed pore hand rubbed satin lacquer finish with a new fallboard decal. All metal hardware was replated. Includes humidifier/dehumidifier system and piano bench.

I can offer my piano technician as a reference upon request.

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