Restored Steinway Model O

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Restored Steinway Model O
This Steinway Model O, originally built in 1909, has recently returned from our restoration facility in a 'like-new' condition.

The restoration was quite extensive. To begin, the entire cabinet was stripped, primed and refinished. The cast iron plate was stripped, refinished and then the plate lettering was intricately repainted. It includes all new bass and treble strings, new pinblock, new tuning pinsand new understring felt. The action has been upgraded to a new Renner action (which is what they put in the Hamburg Steinways.) All decals were replaced with decals matching the original vintage. The hardware has all been replated, too.

How does it sound? Amazing! A beautifully rich tone is produced, as is expected from a Steinway grand. This piano was built during Steinway's 'Golden Years' and, as an investment, should easily perform as good or better than a new Steinway (but we'll let you be the judge!)

For more details regarding this piano and its restoration, please call 1-800-950-3774.

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