Yamaha CF111 Concert Grand Piano

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Yamaha CF111 Concert Grand Piano
Yamaha CF111 Grand
Yamaha CF111 Concert Grand Piano: 1999 9 ft. Customized. New Fazioli style Ciressa Soundboard, bearing specs and soundboard installation Steinway style, New Buldoc pinblock, etc. Complete interior restoration. New action parts and Hamburg Steinway Hammers, case sprayed and hand rubbed- Satin lacquer and Elegant. State of the Art Customized performance Piano. Very powerful. Huge Bass, even throughout, elegant 3 dimentional unique sound. Offered at 45,000. Amazing! One of a kind! Call for details.

For years I had wanted to blend the luxurious round and three dimentional sound of a Steinway with the clarity and power of a Yamaha. This hybrid piano blends the best qualities of both piano manufactures, resulting in a spectacular musical experience for the player and listener. Two years of work went into this project, but the results were worth it! “ Arlan Harris, mpt,rptm

Our Price for this Piano $ 65,000.00 USD

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