Perfect Like New Steinway Model F Sable Walnut Hepplewhite

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Perfect Like New Steinway Model F Sable Walnut Hepplewhite
Several interested individuals contacted me in the past. For several reasons no longer applicable, I may not have responded. Be assured that if you contact me now I will respond. I am very motivated to sell.

This is a truly extraordinary Steinway Model F upright piano that I bought new at the Steinway & Sons store on 57th Street in New York City.
The Steinway historical records show that it was delivered to me on August 31, 1971 at the address where I still live in midtown Manhattan, in New York City and where the piano has resided since it was delivered.

My wife took lessons and played the piano for several years and then my daughter did the same for several years. Then the piano was unplayed and untouched for years and years.

As I write this, the piano is being tuned (and was checked over) by an expert suggested by Steinway. His initial reaction when he came into my apartment and saw the piano was 'wow that is a beautiful piano'. When he sat down to play it he said it had a glorious sound. He did not find any defect whatsoever.

The Steinway & Sons historian told me that it is a Model F in a sable walnut finish in a style that Steinway called Hepplewhite.

The piano looks new, sounds incredible and is impossible to tell from a brand new piano. It looks like the day it left the Steinway & Sons factory in Steinway, Queens, New York.

When the piano tuner/expert finished tuning the piano he played some Chopin for me which sounded magical. He then said 'this is such a wonderful piano. It is a shame that you are letting it leave you'.

My photographs may not appear as sharp and detailed as they should be. The reason for that is that the light in my living room was not bright enough for me to take satisfactory photographs with my compact digital camera so I took the pictures with my Blackberry. They are better than I was able to accomplish with my compact camera, but still not as good as I would have liked. For example, you cannot tell from the photographs that the wood is smooth, glossy and deeply and luxuriously grained.

A serious prospective buyer may come and play the piano. Whatever the delivery charges may be will have to be paid by the purchaser. I prefer that the purchaser arrange for all of the shipping and delivery details. i will fully cooperate. Of course, payment in full must be made before the piano goes on its way.

This is a great piano. You will be getting a piano that sounds extraordinary and appears new in every way.

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