Steinway, Style B, African Pommel Mahogany

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Steinway, Style B, African Pommel Mahogany
Completely restored – this is an absolutely beautiful example of the most classic and desirable model grand from Steinway & Sons. The action is light to the touch and is truly a players instrument. The bass is deep and rich. This piano is African Pommel Mahogany and it is beautiful! The sound is even through the entire keyboard. You cannot touch a piano of this sound or quality of build from a new Steinway for nearly twice the price.
This beautiful Steinway “B” Grand comes with a 5 year warranty, free shipping in the continental U.S., an in-home tuning and in-home piano lesson.
- New Mapes strike gold Swedish steel treble wire
- New custom Mapes hand wrapped series bass strings (custom made to order)
- New Steinway gold mahogany hammers, custom shaped and bored to match original specs.
- All action felt has been replaced using Renner fine wool felts
- New simulated Ivory key tops, custom shaped and installed
- New Diamond German nickel tuning pins
- New Renner damper felts and stringing felts
- New Renner key bushings custom eased to fit new Diamond balance rail pins
- Fully refinished case using the finest lacquer available on the market
- Harp is fully re-guilded to original Steinway factory color
- All hardware has been hand polished and plated using platinum infused nickel for durability
- Sound board has been fully hand scraped, refinished, and a new decal applied
- Both the treble bridge and the bass bridge have been rebuilt
- Action has been fully regulated to a concert touch
- Dampers and sustenuto have been finely regulated
- The piano has been tuned to the concert pitch of A440
- Piano Disc IQ system

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