Kawai RX2 with Pianodisc iQ System and iPad

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Kawai RX2 with Pianodisc iQ System and iPad
Take a look at this outstanding player grand piano from Kawai. Measuring 5’10”, this lightly used Kawai RX-2 combines classic elegance with an exquisite clarity of tone. For these reasons and many more, the RX-2 has found its way into the heart of many homes, schools, and conservatories. It offers a superb tonal depth and resonance to suit a variety of musical situations, and a graceful beauty that will add ambiance to any venue.

At the heart of this Kawai RX-2 is the iQ Intelligent Player System by Pianodisc. This system transforms this piano into a sophisticated (yet highly easy to use) home entertainment system. Imagine having your favorite artists playing your piano in your own home! From Billy Joel to Elton John to the classics of Franz Liszt and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Not only will this system play your favorite music on the piano but, with the high fidelity speakers included, your piano is turned into a live band! Let Frank Sinatra sing live in your home accompanied by this lovely RX-2.

But why stop at just listening to your favorite artists? This system includes an iPad that lets you WATCH the performance as it unfolds right in front of you. Impress your friends with Chicago singing their greatest hits while your piano accompanies them, all in sync with the video.

You won’t find a piano of this caliber at this price very often. Take advantage now and get this “extremely low mileage”, fully featured entertainment powerhouse for about half price. Call us today at 1-800-950-3774.

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