5' Bluthner For Sale!

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5' Bluthner For Sale!
Priced to sell!! We purchased for much more 10 years ago - We need the space and to help pay for the new instrument!

Church is selling 5' Bluthner. Church upgraded to a 9', so no longer needs the Bluthner. The instrument was rebuilt about 10 years ago by Beethoven Piano in NYC and has been owned by the church since then. In the time at the church (since 2004) it has been regularly tuned and maintained. The case itself is in showroom condition. Sale includes piano spider style truck/dolly, original casters, adjustable height bench, and quilted cover. Condition: Case is in showroom condition. The Piano is in ok mechanical condition. Apx 3 strings slip slightly. Our technician said this would not be an issue either in a humidity controlled space or by replacing the slipping pegs with larger pegs. The hammers should be REPLACED. They used an off brand hammer which is not riveted. This repair would cost us about $1,000 to upgrade to a Abel or Renner, but we are opting to let the next owner perform the repair so they can select the hammer density/brand of their choice. All else is in good condition. Please contact us with questions, for pictures, or to see/play the instrument!

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