Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to place an ad on
There is no fee to place an ad on, however, if your ad produces a buyer for your piano, a 3% referral fee is required.

After I place my ad, how long does it take to actually appear on the site?
Your ad should appear immediately after you post it to the site.

How long will my ad stay on
Your ad will remain on for 365 days, then it will automatically be deleted. You may also delete the ad at anytime.  You have the option to renew the ad. You may modify or delete your ad at anytime.

How much is my piano worth?
To accurately evaluate a piano, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect the internal components of the instrument including the soundboard, bridges, pinblock, hammers, dampers, keys, and strings. It is also necessary to test the tuning pin torque and examine the exterior condition of the cabinet. The quality of tone and the sustain produced by the piano and the responsiveness and playability of the piano action and keys must also be judged. This can only be done in person. To determine a fair asking price for your piano, we suggest that you hire a local piano technician to inspect and evaluate your piano and provide you with a written appraisal. It is also important to determine the age of the instrument. By referencing the serial number, they can also tell you the year of manufacture. To find a piano technician who lives nearby, click here: Find A Technician

Who pays for piano moving?
Usually, the buyer pays for piano moving, however, this is something that can be negotiated between the buyer and seller. Sometimes the buyer and seller will agree to share the moving expense.