Welcome to PianoMart.com. My name is Joe Ross. I am a Registered Piano Technician, RPT, and the owner and founder of PianoMart.com.

PianoMart.com was born in the summer of 1996 and went online in January, 1997. My vision in creating PianoMart.com was to provide a classified ad-type service on the Internet where people could buy or sell a piano worldwide.

My training as a piano technician began in 1977 when a close friend, who is a piano teacher, suggested that I consider piano technology as a career. Her seeds of encouragement landed on fertile ground. Although I had very little experience with pianos at that time, the idea intrigued me and within a couple of weeks, I became an apprentice with a prominent local piano technician to learn the art of piano tuning, maintenance and repair. In 1980, I became a member of The Piano Technicians Guild.

In the early eighties, I was very interested in the new technology of personal computers and purchased my first computer in 1984. When the World Wide Web began to explode in the mid 1990’s, I saw an opportunity to combine my two passions, pianos and computers. I observed that people were already selling cars, boats and houses on the Internet, so why not pianos?

I hope that you find PianoMart.com useful in selling your used piano or in finding the piano of your dreams!

Joe Ross